Abstract of Title:
An Abstract of Title is certified from the date of recording of the root of title instrument. These instruments are filed at the County Courthouse where the real property is located. The Abstract will contain a 40-year marketable title pursuant to Section 614.29 through 614.38 of the Code of Iowa, Chapter 11 of the Iowa Land Title Standards.

Final Continuation:
Property is searched to date of filed documents and/or pencil notes are abstracted and typed. This is the typed form that is inserted into the abstract with appropriate corporate seals applied.

Report of Liens:
This report is a one-owner report. The report will include complete legal (property) description, ownership status, 10 year judgment search against the current owner, a list of liens/encumbrances and real estate taxes. No examination is made and no opinion has been formed as to the legal effect of any instrument or proceeding inspected. It is for the exclusive information and use of the requested party and no liability for errors or omissions will accrue to the benefit of any other person, firm or corporation.

Mechanic's Lien Search:
This special search will certify to the correct property address or legal description provided. Mechanic’s Liens are tied to the real estate and last 2 years and 90 days, unless extended. This search does not include personal searches, but only Mechanic’s Liens against the real estate.

Buyer Search/ Personal Search:
This search will be conducted (must be requested) against names supplied. Correct spelling is required. Personal liens only will be reported. No examination is made and no opinion has been formed as to the legal effect of any instrument or proceeding inspected.

Stub Continuation:
This is a partial abstract of title. Property is searched from the time the current owner takes possession through a form of transfer to present date. This is primarily used as a report of lien holders and encumbrances. 

Abstract Storage:
Abstracts can be very expensive if lost or misplaced.  At no charge, Russell Abstract and Title will store your abstract in a safe, secure and insured facility for you.  At any time, your abstract will be made available to you upon request.  Russell Abstract and Title was the first title company in Dallas County to offer this service to its customers and, as always, at no charge.

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